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Eventually it will be replaced by a better post, its letters and punctuation pulled apart and rebuilt into a stronger, more powerful post. A Robo-post, if you will.

For now, this is your introduction. is where a group of comedians (some Irish, some not) get together and post comedy things each morning. Cartoons, videos, blogs, et set err ah. What we can guarantee you is that it’ll be nerdy, funny and original. Subscribe to receive updates on all our new posts, where we guarantee that you’ll receive something funny every day.

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Recently, The Gang just had a comedy debate at the Trinity College University Philosophical Society.

Pictures are available here: with a video coming shortly.

The Gang at are Damon Blake, Conor O’Toole, Kevin Lockard, David Reilly, George Fox, Giles Brody, and Jon Hozier-Byrne. We’ll do introductions over the next few weeks once we’ve settled in and had a cup of tea.