George Fox brings us the news from around the country in Humourisms Headlines.

Galway, Ireland.- Friends and family have gathered around Thomas Coughlin, who earlier this week broke up with his girlfriend while still only halfway through the 3rd season DVD boxset of his favourite show. Coughlin, 23, had been dating his partner Jessica Reid, 21, for 2 and a half years and the two were known to often refer to saturday evenings as “DVD night”.

“It’s an absolute disgrace, whats he supposed to do now?” said Coughlins father.

“What happens when he gets a new girlfriend? What if she’s never even seen the show? Is he supposed to start at Season 1 all over again? It’s not like he can just have a dvd night by himself, thats just weird.”

Reid was quoted by friends to have said “I didn’t even like that show anyway. And sure why should I feel bad? He never once tried sitting down with me to watch my shows! Tough luck for him, I’m spending my days watching “Gilmore Girls” and “16 And Pregnant”… It’s been deadly!”

It seems that there are few options left open for Coughlin since it’s unlikely he’ll meet a girl who is at the exact same point as he is in watching the show, although there is the slim chance he may meet a girl willing to read the shows wiki page. His father remains optimistic however, “Theres always a chance that a show like this that’s been going for a few seasons may do a clip show recapping the events of previous seasons. I guess we’ll just have to wait, and pray.”